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  1. Weekly Reflection

    September 11, 2013 by gracemcv

    In Literacy this week, we have been doing a assessment. One of the things that we have to do in the assessment is to create a narrative, using the best vocabulary and descriptive words we can. The other part of the assessment is that we have to make a reciprocal writing piece. The story that I read was called, ‘Marshall Armstrong is new to our School’.

    In Maths, seeing that Mr Hynes isn’t here at school at the moment, we have joined up with Mr Hynsen’s group and we are looking a the 3 different types of triangles. The equilateral triangle, the isosceles triangle and the scalene triangle. Now that we have been learning about these 3 triangles, I am a lot better with them now. I also know how to use a protractor which is very handy!

    In R.E, we have been learning a bit about Australian History and we are learning about the song, ‘We are Australia’.

    In Big Idea, Lexi and I are partners and we are learning about the Aboriginals by creating a 3D poster and tomorrow we are going to paint our Aboriginal artwork. On the poster, we have 2 dreamtime stories, about the dances, what they eat, where they lived and a few more. It has been very fun with this Big Idea topic and seeing we are allowed to go with a partner!

    On Friday, 9 of the year 6 students are going to Melbourne to play for the State Championships for a Mixed Team Competition. The 9 people that are going are Emma Q, Emma W, Lexi, Clay, Callum, Laura, Catelyn (Smash), Kate and I! I’m extremely excited and confident that we will do well seeing that we haven’t lost a game in the last competitions.

  2. Reading- Reflection

    September 11, 2013 by gracemcv

    At the moment, I’m a bit over 3/4 through reading ‘Wonder’. The book is mainly about a boy named August Pullman who’s face is deformed. At the moment in the book, it is talking about a play that August and his family went to and August’s sister, Olivia, is one of the main characters in the story. Olivia’s ‘friend’ called Miranda is, at the moment, telling the story and she is talking about how she has changed from being Olivia’s best friends and being one of the people who are always nice to people, to now the bright pink haired person who is afraid to talk to Olivia. I’m REALLY loving this book so far and I believe it has a really good moral to it!

  3. RE- Reflection

    September 10, 2013 by gracemcv

    In R.E, we had to design a project with a partner about a different religion other than Catholic. So for the project, I went with Lexi and we were looking at Buddhism. Seeing I didn’t know anything really about Buddhism, I learnt a lot about Buddhism. Together, Lexi and I made a poster with lots of facts and a few pictures about Buddhism and I brought in my mums buddha statue! I learnt a lot about the rules/laws, what they eat, their traditions, what they dress like and a few more. I was very interested in what they eat seeing that they are not allowed to kill meat themselves that they are going to eat. They are also herbivores but if someone offers a Buddhist meat, they will take it. If I could learn more about Buddhism, it would probably be a little bit more about how they pray and when they pray, but I’m very happy with the research that Lexi and I came up with! Also, I would like to do something other than a poster next time!

  4. Vietnam-R.E

    August 26, 2013 by gracemcv

    Vietnam is a country on the eastern and southern side of the Indochinese peninsula in South-East Asia. Vietnam is about twice the size of the Arizona.

    The first ruler of Vietnam was Hung Vuong, who founded Vietnam in 2879 B.C. The Chinese ruled the nation as they had known by Nam Viet. But when it got to the 15th century, Cambodians were pushed out of the country and Nam Viet was now known as Vietnam.

    One of the biggest parts of history in Vietnam was the war which went from 1962-1975. Over 60,000 Australian soldiers left for the war but 521 died and over 3,000 wounded. The war had a big impact all over the world but impacted North and South Vietnam very badly in many different ways including their environment, jobs, education and themselves. In the year 1969 alone, 1,134,300 hectares of forest was destroyed by a chemical called, ‘Agent Orange’. The War really affected Vietnam, but it also affected the world.

    Vietnam has a lot of animals including 270 types of mammals, 180 reptiles, 80 amphibians, and 800 bird species. Many of the animals in Vietnam are rare and unusual which include giant catfish, Indochinese tigers, Saola antelopes and Sumatran rhinos. The government has set up 30 reserves and parks to protect their animals but it’s doubtful seeing their habitat has been cleared for lumber or to grow crops.

    The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi and the population is 84,402,966.

  5. Subtracting Decimals

    August 16, 2013 by gracemcv

  6. Equivalent Fractions

    August 16, 2013 by gracemcv

  7. Gold Rush

    August 5, 2013 by gracemcv

    In 1951, Edward Hargraves found the first speck of gold near Bathurst, Victoria, Australia; which turned Australia upside down. Australia’s population was approximately 77,000 people, but when the Gold Rush hit, Australia’s population grew too 540,000. Also, 370,000 people settled in Australia in year 1852.

    In the next few months, Victoria was full of miners digging for gold. The Gold Discovery Committee said to the miners, if anyone finds a piece of gold, you would be paid 200 pounds, so the challenge was excepted and gold was getting founded left, right and centre.

    The miners came from loads of different countries, but the main miners from other countries wee the Chinese and Europeans. The Chinese were very hard workers, which made Australia mad and was very racist to them because of their yellow skin. And made the Chinese pay and extra 10 pound to be able to dig on the goldfields, so some Chinese miners, decided to make themselves more like the Europeans, which meant even some of them changed there names, just so they could not get so hard done by.

    While all the racism was going on, the Australians decided to invent a test for he miners, which were questions very hard to answer, and if they got the answers wrong, they would have to leave.

    In the end, the racism stopped and no more gold was founded, so some miners left back to the countries, and some miners stayed in Australia. And some miners, went home happy and wealthy, and some miners went home sad and poor.

  8. R.E- Someone in my family who has displayed gifts and fruits

    June 23, 2013 by gracemcv

    Over the last week, I had my tonsils out, and my mum was there every minute while I was in hospital and even when I was out of hospital. My mum stayed with my over night in hospital even though she had to sleep on a really uncomfortable fold-out bed! I think that this has shown a lot of generosity. Also, while mum has been staying home with me she has been very helpful and patient with me while I have been sore. Thanks Mum!

    My beautiful mum, Elise!

  9. Footprint Challenge

    June 17, 2013 by gracemcv

    If everyone lived like my family, we would need 2.4 planet earth’s to provide enough resource, but at the same time, I had to guess a few things! One way that my family could do to bring our global footprint down would to travel but different transport at least once a week instead of transporting in a car.

  10. What do you think…

    June 13, 2013 by gracemcv

    I would take…
    Lots of water
    Spare pair of clothes
    Photo of my family and friends
    Netball ring
    1 Million dollars
    Snowflake (Emma Q and mines imaginary husky puppy!)

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